Parliament Speaker Xhaferi: Country once Again Facing Big and Decisive Decision

In his speech at Meckin Kamen on the occasion of Day of the Republic – Ilinden, Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi said North Macedonia was once again facing a big and decisive decision.

According to the Speaker, the European idea from the Krusevo Manifesto, for freedom, unification, and prosperity is already within reach.

“Now, as I believe is familiar to you, a big and decisive decision is ahead for the Republic of North Macedonia, citizens, and, primarily, political factors in the country. Whether we will move forward towards the Euro-Atlantic integration of the country, something over which we have oriented as a country since getting independence in 1991 or we will get stuck in the Balkan dead-end that’s leading us nowhere is a choice that needs to be made by overcoming the whims, observing reality, and exiting the narrow and selfish party interests,” the Speaker underlined.