Parliament unanimously Adopts Code of Ethics

Within the frameworks of the 47th session, Parliament, unanimously, with 84 votes, adopted on Monday a Code of Ethics. The document’s goal is to strengthen MPs’ ethics and increase trust in parliament as a representative body of citizens and carrier of the legislative power. The final adjustment of the documents had been reached by ruling majority and opposition MPs at the meeting within the frameworks of the Jean Monnet process in Ohrid in May. The changes to Parliament’s Rules of Procedure, too, are underway. That issue had been on that meeting’s agenda as well. During the debate, VMRO-DPMNE’s Ilija Dimovski said the document’s text was a good basis to improve ethical rules in the future. However, he added it was one of the future steps on the several-kilometre-long path. SDSM’s Tomislav Tuntev considers that nobody can be expected to respect MPs or Parliament if the former don’t show with their behaviour that they are worthy of respect.

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