Parliamentary Debate on New Covid-Measures Continues in Committees

At Parliament Tuesday afternoon, MPs with 60 votes “for” and 32 “abstained”, without a vote “against” agreed to adopt the amendments to the Law on Protection of the Population from Infectious Diseases, to be adopted by shortened procedure. At the proposal of the MP from VMRO-DPMNE Antonio Milosovski, it was put first on the agenda. The opposition submitted a proposal for amendments to the same law Monday, but that item was not on the agenda of this session. The coordinator of the VMRO-DPMNE parliamentary group Nikola Micevski asked for an explanation from PS Talat Xhaferi and proposed that the agenda be supplemented with that item, which was not accepted by the majority of MPs. Xhaferi clarified that he could not put this item on the agenda, because it was prepared only in Macedonian, so according to the law on the use of languages, the proposal was given to be translated. This item, said Xhaferi, will be put on the agenda at a session to be held on 29 October, when the supplementary budget will be looked at.