Part of defendants Convicted in 27 April case React to sentences

Some of those sentenced in the 27 April case have reacted to the sentences. Former Public Security Bureau Director Mitko Cavkov said on Facebook the sentence was draconic. Also, he called for unification against the government and announced a lawsuit over the official remark that had seen him issued a detention measure two days prior. The same day, Igor Jug reacted as well. “I would never betray my fatherlands. If this situation took place in my true fatherland, Croatia, I would be declared a hero,” he said, among other things. The only one that wasn’t sentenced, Igor Durlovski, shared his reaction after the verdict by issuing an emotional video on Facebook, with the caption reading, among other things, “When freedom is slavery and happiness is sadness!” Jane Cento returned the decision on his detention measure because of the use of the country’s new name on it. Also, he issued a written reaction published on internet portals, allegedly through his lawyer, Donco Nakov. “I fear neither prison nor the rage of the miserable tyrant that has set us up in this,” he wrote. However, as Kanal 5 TV reported the following day, Nakov said he hadn’t conveyed a letter from his client. Also on Saturday, Goranco Angelov wrote a letter to his wife. “Don’t be sad, know that despite everything, I am glad to dedicate my life to Macedonia,” reads part of the letter. Judge Dobrila Kacarska’s decision to issue a detention measure for everyone convicted was criticised by the defendants’ lawyers even though some of them had active guarantees to be out on bail. In their view, it is unprecedented.