Parties File Lawsuits to ACM After SEC Rejected All Complaints

VMRO-DPMNE, Alliance for Albanians (AA) and Levica announced they will file lawsuits to the Administrative Court of Macedonia (ACM), after the State Election Commission (SEC) rejected all of their complaints filed in relation to the 2020 parliamentary election. VMRO-DPMNE filed 3 complaints to SEC, AA filed 151 and Levica filed 1,982. “We shall file lawsuits for recount of the votes in all polling stations where, according to our terrain information, the number of votes was much higher than the actual turnout of voters, and places where people who are deceased have been registered in the List of Voters,” said AA Sec Gen Arben Taravari. Levica leader Dimitar Apasiev wrote on social networks that Levica intends to conduct a so-called filibustering, i.e. to prolong and stall these procedures as much as possible. Levica’s complaints were rejected by SEC because all of them lacked either the party seal or a signature of an authorised party official. The alliance “Never North, Only Macedonia” filed criminal charges against SEC President Oliver Derkoksi and all other SEC Members, accusing them of changing the name of their alliance on the official ballots.