Parties Proceed with Negotiations for Formation of Ruling Majority

SDSM revealed that on Friday a meeting between their Sec Gen Ljupco Nikolovski and DUI member Artan Grubi took place, at which they conducted negotiations for formation of the new parliamentary majority and government.  From SDSM they report that the meeting of Nikolovski and Grubi was rather constructive, and they once again underlined that SDSM will form and head the new government. “Both SDSM and DUI agreed to respect the Prespa Agreement with Greece, the Good-neighbourliness Agreement with Bulgaria and the Ohrid Framework Agreement. We are committed to securing a social cohesion and rule of law in our country, in our once society for all. Both sides have also proposed rather responsible office-holders who will deliver programme and results. SDSM will head the new government, that will bring prosperity to all citizens,” writes a press release of SDSM. Alternative leader Afrim Gashi said that his party will become part of a ruling majority that includes DUI but only if their candidate Naser Ziberi becomes PM. “Apart from this, I am also convinced that the alliance of Alliance for Albanians and Alternative may become part of the new government. We allowed DUI to conduct negotiations for new government. However, if they fail to secure the PM position for their candidate, that would mean they failed their voters as well, and then we will start negotiations for becoming part of the new ruling alliance,” Gashi said. VMRO-DPMNE Spokesperson Dimce Arsovski said in meantime that VMRO-DPMNE is also conducting negotiations for formation of the new government.