Pavle Bogoevski case: Reactions to audio Recording continue

“MP Pavle Bogoevski should resign right away citing moral reasons. PM Zoran Zaev should broom him off Parliament right away,” VMRO-DPMNE said on Thursday regarding the audio recording in which Bogoevski’s voice can be heard. According to the opposition party, the case has been revealed by a whistleblower. “Bogoevski has no credibility to serve as MP. It’s possible for his decisions to be under the influence of banned substances. Who was he getting drugs from? Was he reselling? He confessed to a crime which provides for a sentence between one and 10 years in prison,” Hristijan Mickoski’s party added. SDSM said it expected institutions to solve the case, including the unauthorised recording and release. “The moral aspects belong to the personal conscience of each MP, as well as to each other person,” the ruling party noted. PS Talat Xhaferi, too, said he expected institutions to act efficiently and fully solve the case. “Currently, there are no grounds for any procedure by Parliament,” he stated. While VMRO-DPMNE used the case to call on Parliament to introduce special controls for narcotics, DUI presented an even more comprehensive initiative. “We call for a so-called vetting process in the judiciary, Prosecutor’s Office, politics and all institutions carrying out public activity, parties included,” Ali Ahmeti’s party stressed. LDP announced a special law for legalisation of cannabis, not just for medical purposes. When it comes to Bogoevski, that party, too, expects an institutional solution. Bogoevski declined to comment on the matter today, Telma TV said. The Skopje Prosecutor’s Office has requested the Interior Ministry to discover the identity of the person behind the profile on which the recording was released. “The orders have been issued in order to initiate criminal prosecution. Investigations are also possible about Bogoevski’s report about unauthorised tapping, but also about the content of the recording,” it said on Thursday.