Peloni: Greece Wants Good Relations with Skopje

On Tuesday, Greek Government Spokesperson Aristotelia Peloni said her country wanted good relations with North Macedonia. However, she also urged the neighbouring country to fully implement the Prespa Agreement and avoid activities that could make bilateral relations difficult. Answering a question about the national football team, but also whether Greece would take some additional steps, Peloni stated that all necessary activities had already been carried out, mentioning the letter sent by Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias to his counterpart, Bujar Osmani. According to former Greek PM Alexis Tsipras, who’s one of the Prespa Agreement’s signatories, if it wasn’t for the deal, all EURO 2020 commentators would be using the word “Macedonia”. As he stated, the Football Federation of the northern neighbour, despite being a private body, could have changed its name, in line with the example of the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia, if the Greek Government had exerted pressure on time on the basis of good faith and on the part of the deal that sets up the principles but is yet to be implemented.