Pendarovski Comments on Several Topics in Interview with Radio Free Europe

President Stevo Pendarovski stated in an interview for Radio Free Europe that the law-changes concerning the execution of the projects for the Corridors 8 and 10d refer neither the contract between the Government and Bechtel and ENKA, nor the Supervision Board which will supervise the construction of the roads. “I endorsed the law-changes, because none of them contains text about approval of a 60-hour-long work week, and I assure you that I wouldn’t have signed them if that was there. I already said this before the MPs in the Parliament, while the Constitutional Court already qualified that that reference would violate the Constitution,” Pendarovski said. Discussing the current situation with the EU integration processes, Pendarovski said that he does not expect for the war in Ukraine to influence acceleration of the processes for enlargement of the EU. “Three years ago, French president Emanuel Macron demanded a new methodology for enlargement, one that should be more effective and simpler. However, till this moment, none of the Western  Balkan countries currently in negotiation for membership, like Montenegro and Serbia, started negotiations by a new methodology. I do not believe in new forms of accession to or association with the EU, and our citizens are too tired from discussions about new methods for EU accession,” Pendarovski underlined.