Pendarovski: Cooperation with Neighbours – Litmus Test for EU Membership

“If we do not cooperate more with our neighbours, it is an illusion to expect greater cooperation with the European Union member states that are further away from us in terms of geography,” said President Stevo Pendarovski in his address to the podcast “European Talks”. “An important litmus test whether you are ready to one day be part of the European Union is whether you are ready to have productive cooperation with the first neighbours and those who are in the same region,” says President Pendarovski. He believes that if the politicians elected by the young people do not fulfil the agenda they advocated and propagated in the media before being elected, there is no other way but to ‘breathe down their necks’ and press them to act democratically and not to misuse state funds for private purposes. The series of podcasts entitled “European Talks” are organized by the Youth Council, in cooperation with the European House – Skopje and with the support of the Delegation of the European Union.