Pendarovski: Election Date not to be Connected to NATO Ratification

President Stevo Pendarovski believes that the early Parliamentary election date should not be connected to the ratification of the agreement for NATO membership of North Macedonia. “It’s not mine to say whether the elections will be held on 12 April or not. What I would like to comment on is the possibility of postponement because of the ratification of the accession agreement into NATO at our Parliament. When all ratifications in the member countries are over, we too will need to ratify that agreement at the Macedonian Parliament. In regard to that, we should have no confusion. The Parliament exists and is active until the next Parliament is elected. If the need comes for it to be ratified by us, it will not pose any problem, and I would appeal for us not to spend time on technical and legal duties. If there is a need, when there is legally said, technical government, there exists technical Parliament as well. If we come to such a situation, the agreement will be ratified no matter what month it is and as such it should hold no influence over the election date,” stated President Pendarovski.