Pendarovski: European Leaders Ashamed of EU Not Fulfilling Promises

President Stevo Pendarovski said in an interview for talk-show “Click Plus” on TV21 that European representatives are ashamed that the EU failed to fulfil its promises, even after North Macedonia went through the name change in 2018 and all other processes. “They feel shame, for our country is in the witing room of the EU for 17 years now, even after the Prespa Agreement and the change of our name. NATO kept their promises, but we cannot say the same about the EU. Let’s make it clear, before the Bulgarian blockade, we faced a French blockade, in which official Paris demanded changes to the methodology for accession of new members. Also, the first version of the French proposal we got did not contain any text that the EU accession talks will start after the first inter-governmental conference, but only once we make changes to the Constitution. The new version states that we open the EU accession talks immediately, and that they will proceed once the constitutional changes are made,” Pendarovski explained. Commenting on the protests against the French proposal, President Pendarovski said that they are being supported by Russia. “We are informed that several people from other countries have come here to participate in the protests and to provoke incidents. I mean, 18-year-old boys rarely know what a Molotov cocktail is, or how to even make and use it,” Pendarovski added.