Pendarovski: My Rhetoric Towards Bulgaria did not Change

President of Macedonia Stevo Pendarovski said at a press conference on Thursday that he did not change his rhetoric towards Bulgaria, nor has influenced such a thing, opposing to accusations coming from official Sofia after an interview of his for Austrian Public Broadcaster ORF. In the interview for ORF, Pendarovski stated that the Good-neighbourliness Agreement contains no obligation for negotiations over the ethnic identity and language of Macedonians, and that it is not possible for Bulgaria to demand full implementation of the Agreement and at the same time to impose new conditions for Macedonia. “In on case I have harshened the rhetoric towards official Sofia. You can compare all my previous interviews upon this matter, and you will see no changes. I just believe that we should not stoop to a lower cultural level in bilateral negotiations with anyone. We were given trust by the citizens to lead this country, through good and bad, and we must not use false patriotism for boosting our political ratings only. The Good-neighbourliness Agreement provides no legal grounds for blocking each other’s countries,” Pendarovski said.