Pendarovski-Pahor: constructive Slovenian support Toward NATO and EU goals

On Saturday, President Stevo Pendarovski in Novi Sad, met his Slovenian colleague, Borut Pahor, in the framework of the 4th Regional Youth Forum. As the Presidential Cabinet announced, during the meeting it was evaluated that the two countries have excellent relations which are characterized with friendship and mutual understanding, and opinions were exchanged on opportunities for furthering and enriching the cooperation in several areas of mutual interest. “There is no other alternative for Macedonia, but the European Union,” underlined President Pendarovski. He then thanked the open and constructive support by Slovenia for the country’s EU and NATO aspirations which was confirmed by the ratification of the NATO accession protocol, as well as the constant support in the framework of the European Union. Pahor reaffirmed the Slovenian commitments for starting the accession talks between Macedonia and the EU to which President Pendarovski added that the Macedonian integration, as well as the integration of the other Western Balkan countries into the European structures will be a significant contribution toward permanent stabilization in the region, as well as the prosperity of the societies.