Pendarovski Signs Legal Amendments for Corridors 8 and 10d

President Stevo Pendarovski decided to sign the legal amendments for the construction of corridors 8 and 10d. After consulting with lawyers and experts, he concluded that the amendments that passed in the assembly with a shortened procedure and a European flag are not disputed. Earlier, Pendarovski announced the possibility of vetoing the decree on the Law on Labor Relations, but he will not do so, since they determined that the current changes are not the same for the 60-hour work week that was abolished by the Constitutional Court last year. Now that the decrees on the laws have been signed, they will be published in the Official Gazette and officially come into force. The only possibility to be challenged remains the Constitutional Court, and the unions have already announced that they will use it. However, when a decision would be made and what it would be remains uncertain. Until then, Bechtel and Enka will be able to operate smoothly on the highway sections under the new rules.