Pendarovski to Give Mandate to Kovacevski to Form Government

President Stevo Pendarovski will officially hand over the mandate to Dimitar Kovacevski for the composition of the new government on Wednesday, after he received the support of the highest body of SDSM. With this, the constitutional deadlines for its composition and voting at Parlaiment will practically start to run. Speaker Talat Xhaferi believes that the Prime Minister designate will not wait for the deadline. The program and the draft-ministerial composition are expected around 11 January, and five days later the session at which the new Government will be voted will be held. “I hope that the Prime Minister designate will not go to the deadlines given all the negotiations made before. I expect to receive the proposed composition of the Government and the program somewhere on the 10th or 11th, and based on the consultations with the parliamentary groups, a date will be set for holding a session, it will probably be 15th or 16th of January,” Xhaferi informs.