Pendarovski: We Need to Re-Establish Trust for Resolving Issues with Bulgaria

President Stevo Pendarovski and his Bulgarian counterpart Rumen Radev departed on Wednesday for Rome where they will mutually observe the Day of Ss. Cyril and Methodius on behalf of official Skopje and Sofia. “Operatively the discussions between our countries are conducted on governmental level, and we are here to try to relax the environment for negotiations a bit. We need to re-establish the trust within the dialogue and resolve our disputes like friends do,” Pendarovski said after the short meeting with Radev at the airport, adding that the start of the EU accession process for Macedonia would contribute to the stability and prosperity of the entire region. Later on Wednesday, at a press conference in Rome, Pendarovski revealed details of the proposal of the Portuguese EU presidency for resolution of the Skopje-Sofia issue, that it includes possibility for engagement of European history experts which will assist the Macedonian-Bulgarian Commission on Historic Affairs. According to Pendarovski, Skopje would not oppose the employment of foreign experts in this area. In meantime, US Ambassador Kate Marie Byrnes welcomed the meeting of the two presidents via Twitter. “We see a positive way forward and are pleased with the ongoing conversation by both Bulgaria and North Macedonia to move the EU accession forward,” Byrnes tweeted.