Petkov: Change of Constitution Should Come before First Chapter is Opened

According to Bulgarian PM Kiril Petkov, his country will move the veto for North Macedonia, but that doesn’t mean it will be lifted. “In fact, we shouldn’t lift the veto, we should move it. The change of the Constitution should happen before the first of many 20-something chapters that should be opened,” he tells Nova TV. According to him, there should be a constitutional change before the first chapter, while Bulgaria should lift the veto and clearly the determine the criteria. “From what I’m seeing from Dimitar Kovacevski’s Government, he is ready to embark on that path. We’re giving a path to the Republic of North Macedonia towards Europe,” Petkov notes for the Bulgarian TV station, nonetheless adding that that path is full of obligations, clearly framed, with a guarantee from the whole of Europe for the progress Bulgarians desire.