Petkov: I’m Not Bringing New Agreement to Skopje

Bulgarian PM Kiril Petkov says in an interview for news agency MIA that he is not coming to Skopje with a new agreement or an annex to the Good-neighbourliness Agreement from 2017, but with fresh energy for new beginnings in the bilateral relations between Sofia and Skopje. “I am approaching Skopje with a constructive tone and preparedness to start to work together. All those documents have no point if we do not give the true motivation that we really intend to resolve something. We plan to form five working groups that will work in different sectors, and after our meeting with PM-designate Dimitar Kovacevski in Skopje, we will be able to determine the programmes according to these groups will work. I don’t want only politicians to be included in this process; for example, when we discuss economic issues, we should see participation of the business sector from both countries. We need people who want to work and achieve good results at those meetings, in those working groups. I know I previously mentioned a deadline of six months for resolution of the issues, but seeing it all now, I think we cannot and should not limit ourselves with deadlines. We need to focus on the nature of the issues and how to resolve them, not on time frames. I believe that with an honest, friendly and constructive approach we can resolve many issues,” Petkov said.