Petkov: There’ll Be No Individual Making of Decisions

Bulgarian PM Kiril Petkov buried on Friday Enlargement Commissioner’s Oliver Varhelyi’s expectations about Bulgaria allowing a start of negotiations with Skopje in June. Just 24 hours after their meeting in Sofia, Petkov stated that there would be no individual making of decisions regarding the matter. “It should be very clearly said that I, as the PM, don’t assume independently any obligations. If something will be happening over that topic, that will first need to be on the basis of the Foreign Ministry, that will need to be confirmed by the Government, that will need to pass through the coalition council, a decision will need to be made by the coalition council, it will need to go to Parliament, a decision will need to be made there, and then obligations can be taken. So, the procedure is very clear. I want to say many times clearly because the other fake news is that the PM has some individual deals. No, the process is clear – the Foreign Ministry, coalition council, Government, Parliament, position. The steps that will follow will be that,” he said.