Petlickovski: No Room for Panic over CCHF

Infectious Diseases Committee President Aleksandar Petlickovski says there is no room for panic over the developments related to Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever (CCHF). There is available therapy and CCHF tests at the Infectious Clinic.

“Global warming contributes to more intensive activity of ticks. However, not every tick bears some virus,” he points out, adding that people can go outdoors, but they should pay attention to being more protected.

Fisherpersons, hunters, and stockbreeders are particularly exposed to CCHF. According to Health Minister Fatmir Mexhiti, the health system has reacted timely and appropriately since the detection of the first cases. The condition of the 42- year-old Veles man, the third case, is stable. The condition of the Infectious Diseases Clinic employee, the second case, is good as well.