Petrovska: Together We Break Stereotypes and Create Gender Equality

Minister of Defence Slavjanka Petrovska addressed the conference entitled “Uniform, armour that means vulnerability – our daily fight on two fronts”, organized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, where she highlighted the positive examples of gender equality in defence and in the Army and shared facts about the evolving gender perspective for women in uniform. “For years, unfortunately, there were stereotypes that the security sector, especially high management positions, were reserved exclusively for men. But with our persistence, perseverance and wisdom, we managed to change that,” said the Minister. Petrovska informs that in 2012 the percentage of representation of women in uniform was 5.7%, and today the percentage of representation is 10.8%. The percentage of female officers, which in 2012 was only 9%, today that percentage has doubled to 18%, is also showing high growth, Petrovska pointed out.