Petrovska: We Shall Procure Anti-Aircraft Defence System from France

Defence Minister Slavjanka Petrovska said on Thursday that in 2023 North Macedonia, as a NATO member, will purchase a system for anti-aircraft defence from France. “I am to sign the contract for this procurement around the beginning of September with my French counterpart, and the system will be delivered to us in 2023. Its location is a classified information. Besides this, by the end of this year we expect the delivery of another 27 armoured vehicles from the US, and by 2028 we are to have 96 new vehicles of this particular type,” Petrovska revealed. She added that North Macedonia is ready to provide further assistance to Ukraine in its defence against the Russian aggression. “In this entire situation, the only wrong decision is the one of the Russian Federation to attack Ukraine, not our decision or the decisions of other countries to help Ukraine defend itself. The territorial integrity of Ukraine and the lives of its citizens are endangered, which is why they need help to defend themselves, and we remain ready to help,” Petrovska underlined.