PEUM, PEB: Skopje, Sofia to Resolve Bilateral Disputes in Spirit of Good Will

The Pan-European Union of Macedonia (PEUM) and PanEuropa Bulgaria (PEB) addressed an open letter to the governments in Skopje and Sofia to proceed with the communications in order to reach a solution for the disputes preventing Macedonia from starting the EU membership negotiations. “We urge the governments and institutions of Bulgaria and R. N. Macedonia to continue with the communication in good faith and overcome any obstacles that might hinder progress of N. Macedonia towards our shared European future. The two-sided good neighbouring relations between Bulgaria and R. N. Macedonia should be built on the basis of mutual trust, respect, economic development, cultural exchange and understanding of each other, but, as well, on the undisputed right of self-determination, and the EU principles and values. We are convinced that with the progressive advance of EU integration process of R. N. Macedonia with support and mentorship by Bulgaria, the connections between the two nations will grow even stronger, and that will bring reinforced feeling of the European spirit of mutual understanding and cooperation, in the relations between the two countries,” writes the letter of PEUM and PEB.