Pimen: Ilievski could not provoke Violence on 27 April 2017

In the latest hearing over the “27 April Parliament Incidents” case, Bishop Pimen from the Macedonian Orthodox Church provided his testimony of the Parliament Incidents, as a witness called by the defence of Bogdan Ilievski – Betmen. Pimen said that he is a close friend and spiritual father of Ilievski. “Bogdan was not doing this for some kind of material profit. He took part in the protests of “For Joint Macedonia” because he believed in a greater cause. I never saw violent behaviour neither in his words, nor in his actions. One day after the Parliament Incidents on 27 April 2017, I called him and asked to talk to him in person. He said that they would proceed with the protests in order to repair the reputation of the movement after the incidents, but I could see the disappointment in his eyes and his words. He told me he never called for violence and that he tried to settle down the crowd once they got in the Parliament that day,” Pimen said. When defendant Aleksandar Vasilevski – Nindza asked Pimen why did Ilievski decide to support VMRO-DPMNE from 2016 onwards, the bishop said that he cannot reveal that information since the religious codes of confession do not allow them to do so.