PM Kovacevski and Albanian Counterpart Rama Comment on Multiple Topics

Following Thursday’s meeting with Albanian counterpart Edi Rama, PM Dimitar Kovacevski said regarding the constitutional changes he expected Parliament to be up to the task. According to him, though the decision will not be easy, it is needed to provide the European future. Regarding the peer review mission to North Macedonia over the work of the Judicial Council, announced by the EU Delegation’s Head, Ambassador David Geer, North Macedonia’s PM said he supported it. “This is a topic I have talked to EU Ambassador David Geer about a year and a half ago, considering our court system is independent from the Government, independent from anyone in the world,” he stressed. When it comes to Rama, the Albanian PM said that the Open Balkan initiative’s benefits were obvious. However, he considers that now focus is needed on the Berlin Process. Rama’s stand is that Skopje and Tirana have made big progress, which is why it’s logical for them to expect more money from EU funds. Regarding the Kosovo-Serbia situation, Kovacevski called for de-escalation. Rama said he would state his opinion in Pristina.