PM Kovacevski Declines to Comment on Gruevski-Mickoski Issue


PM Dimitar Kovacevski has declined to comment on the accusations between VMRO- DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski and ex-PM Nikola Gruevski, as well as on the accusations that Gruevski is helping the ruling structure in the constitutional changes process.

However, as he said on Monday, he is still optimistic that there will be votes from opposition MPs committed to North Macedonia’s integration process. Despite his optimism, the previous day, Mickoski had reiterated his party’s stand on the constitutional changes.

“The party is united,” he noted. Gruevski himself reacted, alleging that Mickoski was secretly collaborating with ex-PM Zaev. The former VMRO- DPMNE leader said on social media: “Up until a year or two ago, VMRO-DPMNE had been claiming Zaev was the most corrupt politician, traitor etc. I am now seeing they’re afraid of mentioning his name. We’re supposed to be political allies with him now? Is it about blackmail?”