PM Kovacevski in Interview with Sitel TV

In an interview with Sitel TV, PM and SDSM President Dimtiar Kovacevski says Goce Delcev is the founder of the Macedonian national struggle. “His ideas are basically realised with an independent Macedonian state in which we live today, which is a member of NATO, and which is a step away from starting negotiations with the EU,” the PM points out. According to him, the only goal of the Draft-Declaration submitted by VMRO-DPMNE is for the opposition to have a topic it will talk about, obstruct the talks, and create an atmosphere of distrust. “We saw that no party in parliament supported that Declaration,” Kovacevski notes. According to him, in the last period, between the Governments in Skopje and Sofia, as well as between the other institutions from the real sector, an atmosphere of trust between the two countries and their citizens has been being built.