PM Zaev and Ministers Meet President Pendarovski

PM Zoran Zaev and the 19 ministers of the newly elect government held an official meeting on Monday with President of Macedonia Stevo Pendarovski. The new Government of Macedonia was elected by the Parliament on Sunday evening, after a 2-day-long debate over the proposal for the governmental programme submitted by Zaev. “We have very strong arguments to convince President Pendarovski that we are united in the political will to fulfil the strategic goals of our country and to efficiently deal with the global threat called COVID-19. We bring new energy and new professionals which will work hard so that the country experiences prosperity in all fields like economy, healthcare, education, rule of law etc. The reforms in the state institutions start with the formation of the new government, which will do all in its power to meet the necessities of all citizens. We shall focus on the processes for starting the membership negotiations with the EU, and we expect to complete the entire process in 6 years,” Zaev said. Zaev met on Monday outgoing Caretaker PM Oliver Spasovski, from whom he officially took over the office of PM of Macedonia.