PM Zaev attends Reception organised by Tremp and Meets UN Sec Gen Guterres

PM Zoran Zaev and his wife, Zorica Zaeva, attended the reception organised by US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump in New York during the UN General Assembly. Zaev said it was an honour for him and his wife that they had attended, adding that Trump had sent them a message that he appreciated and fully supported the Prespa Agreement.  As he also pointed out on his official Facebook page, it’s an honour to receive such support from a top leader and creator of global agreements. Zaev’s activities in New York also included a meeting with UN Sec Gen Antonio Guterres. The PM, accompanied by FM Nikola Dimitrov, expressed gratitude for the UN agencies’ support in implementing reforms, as well as in the process for finalisation of the NATO Accession Protocol. Guterres highly praised the Prespa Agreement, describing it as a historic success. In that regard, he said it was an “important step for the soon NATO membership and for the positive decision of the EU for a date for a start of negotiations, which is expected in October”.