PM Zaev Comments on Census, Bulgaria Issue and Other Topics

PM Zoran Zaev has once again described the census process as an essential need. He said on Monday he believed it would be held, as planned, from 1 to 21 April. As the PM added, the process is in the interest of citizens. As far as the Skopje-Sofia issue is concerned, he once again said he couldn’t understand the problem. In Zaev’s view, an election time is an inappropriate period to solve issues that are so politically sensitive. Asked about the issue of sending a new Ambassador to Portugal, the PM stated that he didn’t know exactly when the mandate ended, but added he would give support because during the Portuguese EU Presidency, people were needed that would work actively and effectively on overcoming the problem on the integration path. Commenting on the plans for the new primary education concept, Zaev said everyone working on it didn’t have bad intentions and were ready to hear out all experts in all areas.