PM Zaev comments on Several topics

The illegal buildings in Ohrid have been stopped, while institutions are acting in line with the law, PM Zoran Zaev said on Thursday. In his view, demolition in some cases can slow down due to administrative matters. However, he added that if construction took place after a decision to ban such activities, a criminal charge would follow. “The law must apply to everybody equally. If the Municipality doesn’t act, the state will because that’s not the case just due to UNESCO, but due to the laws in the Republic of Macedonia,” he said. According to the PM, the institutions are acting in the Matka case, too. However, the Saraj Mayor will wait for a second-instance court decision before acting in relation to the illegally built platforms, Sitel TV reported. Regarding the comments made by of VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski that he was being followed by the police and that he expected to be arrested, Zaev said the statement was stupid. “Nobody had hoped that such stupidities could be said,” the PM noted.