PM Zaev Discusses Several Issues in Interview for Sitel TV

PM Zoran Zaev was guest in the evening news on Sitel TV where he spoke about several issues. Speaking of the local election and the open invite of VMRO-DPMNE for alliances with other opposition parties, Zaev said that he is not concerned nor he sees that as a threat for the ruling alliance. “One cannot speak of alliances if they stick to politics promoting ethnocentrism. Voters of VMRO-DPMNE would never vote for candidates of the Alliance for Albanians, and vice versa. They can form as much and as many different alliances as they want, the final decision is made by the citizens at the polling stations. We are certain in our victory, and by 24 August we will reveal the names of all our candidates, and those of our partners which we intend to support,” Zaev said. Commenting on the situation with the refugees with Afghanistan, PM Zaev said that the country and its people have always demonstrated humanity and solidarity, adding that the government decided to offer capacities for the refugees without any previous request by a third country. When it comes to the situation with the forest fires, PM Zaev believes that the system functioned properly and greater disasters were prevented, adding that the state responded effectively, with help from its allies from NATO and EU, and that the government will work on recovery of the affected terrain and providing compensations for damages caused by the fires. Speaking of the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, PM Zaev said that the new measures turned out to be effective, and called upon all citizens to take COVID-19 vaccines.