PM Zaev expects Macedonia to get Date this Summer for Negotiations

On Thursday, PM and SDSM leader Zoran Zaev said he expected Macedonia to get this summer a date to start membership negotiations. According to him, that could be postponed only if national parliaments fail to do so. Regarding the talks on part of the Public Prosecutor’s Office Draft Law concerning the Special Prosecutor’s Office, he stated that they weren’t going in a good direction and with the desired pace and dynamism. When it comes to the issue of revocation of former PM Nikola Gruevski’s MP Mandate, Zaev doesn’t intend to negotiate on securing a two-thirds majority “because MPs should act in line with the Constitution and with the law” in that regard. As far as the stability of the SDSM-DUI coalition is concerned, the SDSM leader said they were aware that they had certain weak staff in their ranks. According to Zaev, the corrections happening within the frameworks of the two parties are a result of the weaknesses being ducted by the public. The PM knows which persons would be appointed to the positions that will become vacant after the so-called broom process at the government and at other state institutions. “I’m already talking to some of them. I expect the first changes to take place by mid-June at the latest,” the SDSM leader noted.