PM Zaev Holds Meeting with Former US General Clark

On Thursday, PM Zoran Zaev met in Skopje with Wesley Clark, former US General and ex-Supreme Allied Commander Europe. The meeting, which was attended also by the Deputy PM for Fighting Corruption, Sustainable Development, and Human Resources, Ljupco Nikolovski, saw a discussion on the new reality for North Macedonia and the region since the integration of the several Western Balkan into NATO. Zaev highlighted membership in the alliance as achievement of the strategic goal of the country. The same day, Clark also held a meeting with Ali Ahmeti. “Our friends and allies from the US have always been the power that has supported us in the most difficult times and also in the best moments of our people,” the DUI President said. Clark said Ahmeti’s role in the building of the country was legendary, describing the DUI leader as a living legend. NATO membership was among the topics discussed at that meeting as well.