PM Zaev Holds Meetings and Delivers Address at Prespa Forum Dialogue

On Thursday, PM Zoran Zaev held a meeting in Ohrid with ex-Greek PM Alexis Tsipras. The benefits of the Prespa deal are felt every day, Zaev and Tsipras, who’s now a SYRIZA MP, assessed. According to them, the essence of the deal, with its force and importance, obliges the EU to remove the obstacles for the EU integration of North Macedonia and the Western Balkans. Zaev and Tsipras also said the dynamism of the implementation of the provisions was good. The same day, the PM held a meeting in Ohrid with UN Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs Miroslav Jenca, who is participating in the Prespa Forum Dialogue. The PM highlighted North Macedonia’s commitment to effective multilateralism and strengthening the UN’s role in solving multi-layered global challenges. In his address at the Prespa Forum Dialogue, Zaev once again praised the Prespa Agreement. “We are Europe more than ever,” he said.