PM Zaev Holds Meetings with Radev and Yanev in Bulgaria

On Thursday, PM Zoran Zaev, together with Deputy PM for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov and Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, held a meeting in with Bulgarian President Rumen Radev. The visit of the delegation of North Macedonia is of exceptional importance and comes at a time when the strong dynamism of contacts and dialogue is of huge significance to the Skopje-Sofia relations, it was highlighted. Zaev and Radev consider that North Macedonia’s European perspective is very important to Bulgaria, while achieving it benefits the joint future of the two countries in the EU. Building friendship between the two brotherly peoples is an obligation of the leaders who should have in front of them the perspective of the young, Zaev pointed out. Radev expects irreversible results when it comes to the fulfilment of the 2017 deal. Bulgarian caretaker PM Stefan Yanev’s stand is that the possibilities of a solution were open. The delegation of North Macedonia reportedly headed to Sofia with a concrete proposal for a solution. Yanev added he would seriously consider Skopje’s proposal without providing details of the content.