PM Zaev Interview with Greek Daily

There is no better than the Prespa Agreement for both nations, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev says in an exclusive interview with the Greek daily ‘Ta Nea’, voicing belief that the Macedonian lawmakers will respect the will of citizens who voted in the referendum.  Ahead of the parliament voting on constitutional revision, Zaev points out that the realization of the vision for the country’s future, which enjoys the support of vast majority of citizens, is now in the hands of each and every member of the Parliament. “All MPs, regardless of their political affiliation, bear historic responsibility on behalf of the citizens to ensure the country’s path to stability, security and economic prosperity – the path to the EU and NATO, which goes via the Prespa Agreement,” Zaev says. If VMRO deputies continue to refuse to assume responsibility and hold to their positions, which present a threat to the future of our country, the parliamentary majority will vote for early elections, Zaev says.