PM Zaev meets Bulgarian Regional Development Minister Avramova

The PM Zoran Zaev met on Tuesday in Skopje the Bulgarian Minister of Regional Development and Urbanism Petya Avramova. At their meeting, Zaev and Avramova spoke about the friendship and cooperation between the two countries, secured by the Good-neighbourliness Agreement Macedonia and Bulgaria signed back in 2017. “The government of North Macedonia remains dedicated to implementation of projects in the field of infrastructure for better road and railroad connection with all neighbouring countries. These investments are to boost the economic cooperation with our neighbours, especially with Bulgaria,” Zaev told Avramova. The interlocutors also spoke about the integration of Macedonia in NATO and EU, with Zaev thanking Avramova for the ratification of the NATO Protocol for Accession of Macedonia by the Bulgarian Parliament, as well as the support official Sofia voices for Macedonia’s integration in the EU. During her visit, Avramova and her Macedonian counterpart Goran Milevski signed agreements for several projects for cross-border cooperation between Macedonia and Bulgaria.