PM Zaev meets EC President Tusk

The PM of Macedonia Zoran Zaev started on Wednesday his official visit of Brussels, along with Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov. In Brussels, Zaev met the President of the European Council (EC) Donald Tusk, who welcomed the inclusive policies applied by the Macedonian government in the process of adoption of the constitutional changes. Tusk said that if Macedonia manages to keep up the current god pace, and if the Prespa Agreement is implemented and realised on time, the country can hope on start of accession negotiations in June 2019. “We are working hard on the implementation of the Prespa Agreement, and we expect the same from our Greek partners. I believe the Macedonian Parliament will complete the process by the end of January 2019, knowing that the implementation of this agreement is of great importance,” Zaev said. The FM Dimitrov held a meeting with the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the EU member-states (COREPER), to whom he presented the activities of Macedonia done so far for fulfilling all criteria for EU membership, and welcomed the focusing of the EU on the West Balkans and their integration. He accented the importance of the entire process for implementation of the Prespa Agreement, and asked for further support of the EU and its member-states for Macedonia.