PM Zaev on “Racketeering” Case: All responsible shall face Justice

The PM Zoran Zaev commented at a press conference on Tuesday evening at the Club of MPs in Skopje on the recent events and “La Verita” recordings related to the “Racketeering” case. In the last recording published by “La Verita”, suspect Bojan Jovanovski tells businessman Orce Kamcev that he will meet PM Zaev in relation to his prosecution in the “Empire” case processed by the Special Public Prosecution (SPO). “I once again firmly and without any doubt deny and involvement of mine in the “Racketeering” case. The government I manage has so far established conditions for proper functioning of the judicial organs. The law is a law, and all citizens, no matter their political status, position or whatever else will face responsibility for their criminal activities, be it SPO head Katica Janeva or anyone else. I hope and I expect that the investigation will reveal all details and that those that committed criminal activities will face responsibility. I am a human, I am a fighter for freedom, democracy and justice, and I shall not allow a bunch of criminals, a vain journalist, and, may the LGBT community pardon me, a faggot to bring this government down,” Zaev told reporters at the MP Club. The usage of the word “faggot” by Zaev provoked a series of negative reactions by the Macedonian public, prompting him to write an apology on social networks. “I used the word faggot not to point out homosexuality, but rather a character trait of some of the suspects in the case. I pledge for respecting of all human rights, and I apologize to the LGBT community of North Macedonia,” Zaev wrote on Facebook.