PM Zaev Opens Possibility for Broad Government with Opposition Parties

PM Zoran Zaev announced in an interview for “Utrinski Brifing” (Morning Briefing) that he is ready to negotiate with the opposition parties in the Parliament for formation of a government which will include members from the opposition. “I am ready to do this. I am ready to start negotiating as soon as I can find a person that I can negotiate with properly, because there is no way to negotiate such a thing with current VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski. We offer cooperation in every possible aspect so that we can finally unblock the work of the Parliament, and by extension unblock the institutions of the state as well. We have to bring the people back together, because still they remain very much divided on several bases. I open this opportunity, and it is all up to them now to start this debate, whenever they feel ready,” Zaev said. Mickoski reacted to Zaev’s offer via Facebook, rejecting it. “You can clean the rubbish, but start with your own yard first. We do not form pacts with criminals,” Mickoski wrote. DUI leader Ali Ahmeti said that as far as he is informed, there are no dialogue sin the ruling alliance for formation of such a broad government as Zaev mentioned. “I believe these ideas come from daily politics. The role of the opposition is the same in all countries, to notice weaknesses in the governmental policies and help for their improvement,” Ahmeti said. LDP leader Goran Milevski said that his party would not accept such initiative, while from the Alliance for Albanians (AA) they stated that they have a list of conditions they want fulfilled before forming a ruling alliance with any other party.