PM Zaev says Use of wire-tapped Materials is Essential issue for PPO law

An essential issue for the Public Prosecutor’s Office (PPO) law isn’t the opposition’s demand regarding the action upon the cases of the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) after 30 June 2017, but whether the wire-tapped materials (the so-called bombs) will be used as evidence, according to PM Zoran Zaev. “The essence, in my view, is whether the bombs will be used as evidence or not, because the Constitution, Articles 16, 17 and 18 of the Criminal Code says – a crime about which indications and arguments exist cannot be not prosecuted, it is prosecuted everywhere in the world. If the SPO doesn’t prosecute it, another prosecutor’s office will. The public prosecutor’s system in the country is a relevant organ and here, there’s no whether Zaev, Mickoski, SDSM or VMRO-DPMNE want or don’t want something. Absolutely, the issue is whether the evidence – whether the bombs will be used as evidence because, at the end of the day, all of them are indications,” the PM noted.