PM Zoran Zaev answers Journalists’ questions About several Topics

“The Council of Ministers’ conclusion is an absolute guarantee, October will be October and it will not be later, no country is against North Macedonia,” PM Zoran Zaev said on Wednesday, answering a journalist’s question about the unofficial information that seven EU countries were against a date for Macedonia and for Albania. On his Twitter account, VMRO-DPMNE’s Antonio Milososki had previously said Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Luxembourg, Belgium and Spain had been against negotiations. “I have no such information. The Council of Ministers doesn’t have an opportunity to make such a decision without the consent of all countries,” the PM stressed, adding that the negotiations would start in December. According to unofficial information, just 12 members of the Council of Ministers were in favour of negotiations with Macedonia: Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Regarding the reshuffle process, Zaev said he planned to submit the nominations by Friday. “If that happens on Monday or on Tuesday of next week, immediately after the voting through of the reshuffle, we will proceed with the change of the directorial positions,” he said.