PPO files Charges against former Central Register Director Popovski

The Basic Public Prosecution (PPO) has officially filed charges against the former Director of the Central Register of Macedonia Andreja Popovski. Popovski was arrested on Tuesday and was taken to the Criminal Court in Skopje for interrogation. From PPO they inform that Popovski is charged with abuse of official position. “While the suspect occupied the position of Director of the Central Register, between 16 December 2014 and 29 May 2017 was issuing verbal orders for a certain employee to be registered as coming regularly to work and to receive monthly salary, even though the person in question never showed up at their working position and instead was conducting activities for the necessities of a political party,” they inform from PPO, adding that they will demand detention for Popovski, and precaution measures against three other persons which are suspects in this case. The Criminal Court in Skopje however determined for Popovski only precaution measures: his passport has been confiscated and he is not to contact with the other suspects in the case.