PPO Law at Standstill

Opposition and VMRO-DPMNE Leader, Hristijan Mickoski considers Government’s Plan B for adopting Prosecutor’s Law by circumventing opposition MPs is legally wrong. He states that he sees the problem in Justice Minister Deskoska, because her positions sabotage the process. Minister Deskoska responded to the allegations immediately through Facebook, saying that VMRO-DPMNE’s requests are against the legal state and represent amnesty for crime – which is something that will not pass, and according to her, that is not only SDSM’s stand, but the citizen’s as well. Aside from the accusations thrown between the parties, the PPO Law remains at standstill. The dismissal report for the Special Prosecutor is still at the Parliament Speaker’s cabinet and is still unknown when it will find its way before the Committee of Election and Appointments. Because of the investigation that is currently underway, the sitting which will review the report will most likely not be in attendance of the public and it is estimated that at the same time Parliament will also review the Draft-Law on PPO with which the status of the Special Prosecutor’s Office will be resolved. In their press-release, VMRO-DPMNE requests for PM Zoran Zaev to be brought in for questioning for the “Racket” case, on the grounds of the frequency of new indications, documents and testimonies implicating him. They turn to the Prosecutor’s Office to find their bravery and call PM Zaev in for interrogation, to stop delaying the investigation and to include all potentially involved in it. SDSM issued a press-release the same day, calling for VMRO-DPMNE to take this opportunity and show that they truly strive for justice and legal state with actions rather than words, since the PPO Law is directly in the citizens’ interest. In an interview with Radio Free Europe, the European Affairs Minister, Bujar Osmani stated that he is optimistic that a compromise can be made on the PPO Law because the main differences between the political parties in the Macedonian block are not insurmountable.