PPO: Parliament should provide Interpretation on Law on SPO

The expert collegiate of the Public Prosecution Office (PPO) agreed to seek for the Parliament’s authentic interpretation of the disputable Article 22 of the Law on the Special Prosecution Office (SPO), Public Prosecutor Lubomir Joveski told a press conference on Thursday. “Under this Article, SPO, set in 2015 to prosecute criminal offences related to and arising from the content of the illegally intercepted communications, may bring indictments or suspend investigations only within a period of 18 months. Therefore the Public Prosecutor will file a motion for the Parliament to offer an authentic opinion of the Article 22 of the Law on SPO,” Joveski said. If SPO is to be declared as unauthorized, the Public Prosecution Office will take over all of SPO cases, Joveski said. Joveski criticised the opinion of the Supreme Court on the Article 22 of the Law on SPO, saying that it violates the principle of legality of public prosecution offices and courts. He also added that if necessary, PPO is ready to take over cases from SPO, but only with an official confirmation from SPO.