PPOC Opens New Investigation in “Racketeering” Case with 5 New Suspects

The Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski announced on Wednesday that the Public Prosecution for Organised Crime (PPOC) has opened a new investigative procedure in the “Racketeering” case. As Joveski revealed, PPOC started the new investigation against 5 natural entities and one legal entity. “The entities are suspected of fraud, money laundering and assistance in the previously mentioned criminal activities, in accordance with Articles 247 and 273 of the Criminal Code of North Macedonia. In the pre-investigative procedure, PPOC came to conclusions that between July 2017 and April 2018 the first suspect, who is president of the legal entity in question in the case, committed a fraud against directors of two different legal entities, thus gaining illegally 719,905 euros from the fist and 233,821 euros from the second entity. The other suspects in this investigation process are suspected of assisting the prime suspect in their activities,” Joveski revealed. Later on Wednesday, the first suspect from the new investigation, the vice-president of the NGO “international Alliance” Jasna Mandic was taken to the Criminal Court for interrogation, and upon request of PPOC, the Court determined a house arrest measure against her. After the press conference of Joveski, several media reported that one of the new suspects in the “Racketeering” case is SDSM MP Frosina Remenski who is also involved with the “International Alliance”, the NGO established by Bojan Jovanovski, who is the prime suspect in the “Racketeering” case, along with businessman Zoran Mileski-Kiceec and the former Head of the Special public Prosecution Katica Janeva. PM Zoran Zaev reacted to these claims. “In case when a person from SDSM is suspected or indicted in a judicial procedure, we conform to the measure of temporary expulsion of the person in question from our party, so they have enough room and time to prove their innocence. Our positions upon this matter will be known once we have insight in the suspicions against any of our members,” Zaev said. From VMRO-DPMNE they accused the Head of PPOC Vilma Ruskovska for obstructing the investigation in “Racketeering” in order to protect criminal activities of the people in the government. “Ever since the case was open, the public was aware of the involvement of Remenski, known in the communications related to this case as Friki. It is obvious that whole this time Ruskovska was preparing the turf for striking deals with all people involved in this case so that they do not point out as suspect their criminal ring leader, the PM himself, Zoran Zaev. By giving up on the protection of Remenski, Zaev reduces the political pressure over himself from the “Racketeering” case. It is utterly shameful that the public waited for whole six months for someone from the management of SDSM to be prosecuted for extortion,” said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Dimce Arsovski.