President Ivanov urges MPs to reject Name deal in Address before Parliament

In his last annual address before Parliament, on Friday, President Gjorge Ivanov urged MPs to reject the name deal and not to support the constitutional changes. According to him, the price of solving the name dispute is legal and historical humiliation of the Macedonian people. Regarding the name deal with Bulgaria, Ivanov said it deconstructed Macedonia’s history. As far as the Tirana Platform is concerned, the President described it as an attempt to dismantle the country. Ivanov considers that the Amnesty Law wasn’t adopted due to reconciliation, but rather to, as he pointed out, legalise the threats that are creating chaos and destroying the legal state. Ivanov presented also allegations of threats towards him and his family and also accused the Security and Counter-Intelligence Administration Director of following him. The President disagrees with a census without an ethnic affiliation graph because he thinks it will devalue the Ohrid Framework Agreement.