President Pendarovski Comments on US Ambassador’s Letter

President Stevo Pendarovski has said regarding US Ambassador Angela Aggeler’s letter that he can comment only on the basis of the media reports he has seen. As the President pointed out on Wednesday, he assumes that it describes the state of affairs and criticism of the situation with regards to the judiciary, in the tone of what the Ambassador has talked about for months. “However, I cannot talk in details because such a letter hasn’t been submitted to me,” Pendarovski stated. The Justice Ministry said it had received the letter, adding that it would be considered. However, there haven’t been details about what action will be taken over the serious remarks. The previous day, that is, on Tuesday, the Court of Appeals judges held a session. There should be efficient and up-to-date action on cases of high public interest, in accordance with the laws, as well as with the Rules of Procedure.